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Dax Gil is an American composer, producer, technologist, systems theorist, and entrepreneur. He has written over 100 original works for music and film earning commissions and awards from the Tribeca Film Festival, Museum of Latin American Art, and the Peabody Opera Company. Gil is a serial entrepreneur and is interim CEO and founder of Ávakas Inc. He has earned degrees in music from the Eastman School and Johns Hopkins University. Dax is a touring artist-composer and represented by the ZetaWest Agency.

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Born in California and raised around the world, Dax Gil aka Daniel Gil-Marca, is a necessary voice in the modern age. His work like a venn diagram, revolves around the center of aesthetics, technology, and edification. He is a serial entrepreneur and active artist-composer.

Dax has developed and produced over 100 original compositions working alongside Grammy and Pulitzer winners. His work for film, television, opera, ballet, orchestra, and song have received multiple awards with over fifty commissions including Americorps, Image Movement Sound Festival, Peabody Opera, Museum of Latin American Art Long Beach, Paul Sacher Award, Jack Kent Cooke Award, Cesar Chavez Foundation, homeLA, and the Tribeca Film Festival.

A technologist from a young age, Dax has built his own webtools, apps, games, database networks, and ML software. In music technology he has developed music samplers, music effects modules, and electronic instruments. His love for computer science surfaced further while studying in college with research in "health algorithms" within everyday use points like music, entertainment, and medical monitoring. Within the ML/AI space he has created learning algorithms that function as life assistance in both the simple "what do I eat for dinner?" to the esoteric "what is my purpose?" It is the development of these types of ethical learning systems that inspires his work and research.

Parallel to his artistic and technological output Gil has devoted energy towards entrepreneurship and community development. ​​He built and sold multiple companies while still in school and upon completing his education in 2017 Dax founded Ávakas Inc. an American software and e-learning company. Dax has funded and developed multiple non-profit schools and programs in the U.S. and abroad with a vision to renew industrial education.

Gil received two bachelors degrees in history and music from the University of California Riverside, after which he moved to upstate New York for his masters in composition at the Eastman School.* He followed by moving to Maryland for his doctorate in composition at the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Dr. Gil has been on faculty in numerous colleges and universities throughout the U.S. and is currently interim CEO and professor at the Ávakas Institute. He is an active artist touring each summer with his ensemble and is represented by the ZetaWest Agency.

*Article, dhttps://newsroom.ucr.edu/1132 ; **Two bachelors degrees from UCR, BA Music magna cum laude; and La Sierra University, BA History emphasis education. Holds a certificate in music composition from Universidad de Córdoba, Spain.

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